Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you play the lottery with AURL?

American Real Lotto changes a game of random chance into a systematic process combining specialist expertise and knowledge to make our members dreams come true.

AURL provides a sophisticated service that increases the chances of winning dramatically for our members, by utilizing innovative statistical and analytical tools. These tools, together with our expert specialist advice and guidelines, helps transform a game based on luck into a game based on expertise.

Why does AURL play only two of the New York lotteries?

Our years of developing knowledge and experience were obtained by intensive focus on the two NY main games: Power ball and Mega millions. Our team of experts studied the New York Lotto for an extensive period, and well prepared to support our members with comprehensive knowledge and advices, helping them to WIN the jackpot!

The New York Lotto holds the record for having the largest jackpot in the world. On March 6, 2007, the jackpot reached $390 million, which was split between two Mega Million winners.

How many numbers I can play each time?

Unlike other sites, AURL provides you with flexibility. You can choose up to 13 numbers per group; our system will generate all the required combinations as standard tickets that will be printed automatically. You can play multiple groups of numbers (row) for a single draw, increasing your chances of winning.

Why should I play your recommended numbers?

Combining your favorite numbers with our recommended ones, enabling you to create the perfect match as well as guaranteeing having at least one ticket that includes your numbers, in the event that they were drawn by the official Lotto.