Once You Win

How can I be sure that I will get my winnings?

AURL is a registered company, and is supervised and audited by a registered accountant, under Hong Kong laws.  All transactions are complied with registered country laws. We are obligated to transfer all winning payments to our customers, as explained in the T&C section.


How can you withdraw your wins?

After logging into your account, click “My Account” à “My Money” à “My Wins” and click the “Withdraw” button on the required winning line. Fill in the required information, including your bank account details. Please allow us 5 business days to verify your request by our finance team processing your withdrawal request by providing your details to the state lottery for direct money transfer.


Is AURL connected with any state lottery?

No. AURL is an independent consultancy that helps its members to increase their chances of winning. It does this by offering a complete service, that includes everything from prior-game analysis through ticket purchasing and management.


Is AURL’s service legal?

Yes. AURL operates in complete compliance with state and federal laws. Please read the T&C to learn more.


Can you play from other countries?

Yes, Anybody from anywhere in the world may take advantage of our service.


Do I have to be a resident of the USA  to play and win?

No, People from all over the world can play and win the New York Lottery


Do you offer a subscription service?

Yes, Subscriptions, or as we call it, Auto Repeat, are available by indicating the total amount of drawings that you would like your order to be played.


Where do you get my tickets from?

We buy all tickets for you from a state authorized and licensed retailer


Can you mail me my lottery tickets?

No, federal law prohibits the mailing of any state lottery tickets. Also, It is unlawful to transport lottery tickets outside the government lottery jurisdiction. We will upload your tickets (with your name on it)  to your account in AURL for  you to view it and download a copy of it.