About Auto Real Lotto

American Real Lotto (AURL) allows our members to make their dreams of winning the lottery come true. Providing easy access for players across the world to the biggest and most advanced lottery games available today, AURL offers an advanced service that increases the chances of winning dramatically.

How does AURL do this?

AURL utilizes cutting-edge statistical and analytical tools, based on the last 20 years database, developed by its team of experts. This unique blended methodology transforms a game of luck into a game of expertise.

There are many methods that can improve winning your chances and can guarantee wins, depending on your investment. In short, there are two ways of playing the lottery:

The wrong way! - Random Numbers :

This means that your numbers are isolated from each other. The chances using that system can only be improved by spending your money purchasing more and more tickets. A very inefficient and obviously expensive way.

Our Way! – AURL’s Smart Pick and Lottery Wheel:

AURL’s Smart Pick is an algorithm that combines years of expert experience and 20 years of collective data. It uses a combination of hot and cold numbers together with repeating pairs and expert advices, creating the best set of numbers, increasing your chance of winning.

AURL’s Wheeling System is designed for players who wish to play more than five numbers required for a lottery ticket. The Wheeling system will smartly create multiple numbers sets out of your large group of numbers, guarantee a prize when the numbers drawn appear in your larger group of numbers wheeled. Since the system created many combinations  out of your numbers, the chances of the winning numbers to appear in your tickets are higher than ever before.

AURL’s Wheeling System generates tickets that would give either full (Full Wheel) or partial (Abbreviated Wheel) coverage of all possible combinations of numbers.

When using AURL site – our expert advice will guide you and recommend you the best way of choosing your numbers. You will get advises such as “Pairs Matching”, “Odd - Even & High - Low” numbers strategies, “Group Numbers” and others.


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