Affiliates Program

Why Join American Real Lotto Affiliates Program?

American Real Lotto changes a game of random chance into a systematic

process combining specialist expertise & knowledge make our members

dreams come true.


AURL provides a sophisticated service that increases the winning chances

dramatically for our members, utilizing innovative statistical & analytic tool

These tools, together with our expert specialist advice and guidelines,

helps transform a game based on luck into a game based on expertise.


Program Benefits

Powered by Post Affiliate Pro, Our Affiliate system gives you access to

the latest information about your Affiliate account. From banner & freebie

You have full visibility of your account performance. Our Affiliate team

that works for you to help maximise your earnings.


Program Commission Revenue Sharing Structure


If your players generate upto $100 of net revenues a month, you will get 30% of that ($30 a month).


If your players generate upto $1000 of net revenues a month you will get 35% of that ($350 a month).


Our top Affiliates that generate more than $1000 a month you will get 40% of the net revenues.



Work with one of the most advanced Lotto Brands

in the business and earn unlimited commission!


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Once Approved you can access you Affiliate Account AURL Affiliate Panel


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